Customized Art Instruction

YouTime is customized art instruction. In these two 3 hour sessions, you can choose the type of art you'd like to learn--it's like semi-private lessons with Kim but at a fraction of the cost. There are three to five other students in the class with you learning what is important to them, so there will be a variety of subject matter and techniques going on around you. Great feedback from not only the teacher but also from your peers.

Think of the possibilities of techniques: color mixing, impasto, watercolor, acrylic thick or thin, drawing, perspective, name it. Think of the subjects you could work on: portraits, figures, landscapes, still life, abstract, architecture, photo realism, even your subconscious. You can even use YouTime to design and construct your own quilt block for Louisiana's first Quilt Trail and all with Kim's guidance.

$75 for 2 three-hour sessions* 

YouTime sessions are offered on Mondays from 5-8pm, Wednesdays from 9am-12pm, and Thursdays from 9am-12pm with instructor, Kim Zabbia. 

Sign up for two weeks of YouTime, but feel free to expand later to as many as you want or need. The weeks do not even have to be back-to-back. You pick the lesson. You pick the subject matter. You pick the materials. You pick when you want to start and stop.

After you register, Kim will email you to discuss what you want to learn and when you'd like to begin.

* Materials are not included in the class fee.