Talent is NOT a quirk of birth.

The ability to draw is not reserved for the chosen few deemed worthy. It's a learned skill. Were you born knowing how to read? Were you born speaking a language? No, you were taught, and art is something you can learn.

Can you tell this concept is a PASSION with us at The Art Station? That person who told you that you couldn't draw probably told you that you couldn't do a lot of things, right? And now, that criticizing voice in your head is starting to sound like your own. It's time to find a new support system...one that will encourage you to lose that FEAR that keeps you from being creative. (And, in case you didn't know, you're not born with that fear either.)

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All of the classes are reserved for Adults (18 & older), and we will provide all of the materials and equipment you'll need to learn. We will teach you how to draw and paint with the same skill as the so-called Masters (who, by the way, just had a good agent.) More importantly, we will become your support system and help you turn down that inner voice that won't leave you alone.