What is it?

LoveArtConnects enables you to purchase an original work of art painted across multiple panels. Then give one panel to each person you love, and keep one for yourself.

Friends, family, siblings, children, co-workers, cousins, bridesmaids

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A work of art when you’re together. A bond of love when you’re apart!

One ready-to-hang Coriplast Backboard holds the individual panels together so the assembled painting can be viewed as a whole work of art.

The bottom label identifies the title, artist, size and medium of the work

Each panel is labeled both on the back as well as in its place on the Backboard. You can write in each Owner's name on his/her panel AND on the Backboard.

Just pull each panel from its Velcro corners and hand it to its new proud owner.

When all of you gather, you can reassemble the panels into a work of art to enjoy while you're all together.

Need more info?

If you would like to create your own LoveArtConnect, the Art Station can supply you with a KIT ready to attach your own painting. Feel free to be creative since you can control your own medium and substrate (panel, canvas, glass, etc.) and set your own asking price for the finished product. 

Kit prices are based on number and size of panels you have used:
5" x 5" panel kit is $5 per panel not including panels.
6" x 6" panel kit is $6 per panel not including panels.

If you would like to purchase or commission a LoveArtConnect (any size or number of panels), contact Kim here.

Commissions are based on number and size of panels needed:
A 5" x 5" panel commission is $55 per panel.
A 6" x 6" panel commission is $70 per panel.
A 9" x 9" panel commission is $90 per panel.
Larger panels available upon request.

LoveArtConnects is copyrighted by Kim Howes Zabbia 2016

Who came up with this idea?

Artist, author and 42-year veteran teacher, Kim Zabbia owns and operates The Art Station, a center of artistic imagination in downtown Ponchatoula, LA. With an M.F.A. in Studio Art from Louisiana State University, Kim inspires her fellow artists to embrace their fears and benefit personally, professionally and monetarily from their art.

“LoveArtConnects supports this community of artists who value relationships and the bond that an original work of art can create.” 
Kim Zabbia, 2016

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