Join the Friends

Being a member of FAS does NOT mean you have to attend any meetings.

It DOES mean that you are supporting art in your community. It also means that you can volunteer to help at any Art Station or Friends of the Art Station event.

All memberships are for one year. Every member will receive a ten percent discount on supplies and clay firing at the Art Station, advanced notification of upcoming events via email, and opportunities for field trips.
* $250 -- Patron
* $100 -- Sponsor
* $ 50 -- Couple
* $ 30 -- Individual

FAS History

In 2008 within a year after the Art Station opened its doors, six women, passionate about lifelong learning in the arts, joined together to form the non-profit entity, Friends of the Art Station (FAS), and volunteered to serve on its Board of Directors.

The members of that founding Board of Directors were Diana DeMaggio (Chairman), Lucille Griffin (Chair-Elect), Pat Bender (Secretary), Judy Nesser (Treasurer), Vickie Richard (Member-at-Large), and Charlotte Reso (Member-at-Large).

Their goal was ,and still is, to provide artistic enrichment for all adults regardless of income. In addition to establishing and funding visual arts scholarships, FAS promotes local opportunities in the arts, funds visiting instructors, and provides grants for art supplies. FAS has provided over $1500 in scholarships since its inception.

There must have been a need.

“There obviously was a need among adults in our area for artistic enrichment,” said Diana DiMaggio, first Chair of the Board. “The Art Station, luckily, is filling that empty hole. And, besides, we’re having fun over there.”

To boost their membership drive, FAS hosts the Annual Art Station Student Art Exhibit in October. The show is open to the public and everyone is invited to attend. Student works created in all of the classes are on display from paintings to pottery, from drawings to digital photographs.

FAS also sponsors the Art Station's Trade Days promotion of local artists.

2017 Board Members

The current members of the FAS Board include (Front Row) Rosemary Ydarraga - VP/Sec, 
Cat Hoffer - Pres, (Back Row) Cricket Ayala, Brenda Jones-Treas, Denise Fajoni - Registrar, and Lisa Kluka.