What is the Art Station?

The Art Station is an art school for adults eighteen and older located in Ponchatoula, Louisiana, since 2007. The Art Station specializes in classes in Painting and Drawing. Its goal of Lifelong Learning in the Arts has kept The Art Station thriving as over 900 students have registered for 3500 classes there since the doors opened in 2007 thanks to the passion of Director Kim Zabbia and the loyal community.



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All of the students in your class are adults, so it's a great place to get away from the kids for a couple of hours, to make new friends, to learn from teachers who are passionate about their art, and best of all... to make some art of your own.

The Art Station classes are made even richer when you take a class with someone you love. We've had father/daughters, sisters, mother/daughters, married couples, best friends, neighbors, diva buddies and entire office staffs. But even if you register alone, you will become a part of a bigger family, the Art Station family.


Where are we?

Located in quaint downtown Ponchatoula, Louisiana, The Art Station is just a half block west of the railroad track and one block south of Pine Street, Ponchatoula's main street.

The 2,300 sq.' facility, built in 2007, offers 1,200 sq.' of open classroom space and 400 sq.' devoted to retail art materials. It is equipped with a warming kitchen, floor outlets below every table, a built-in ironing board, handicapped accessible restrooms and all the art supplies you need. We have an open deck in the back yard for an even more restful escape to create, to munch or just to nap.

Come join The Art Station family!

Talent is NOT a quirk of birth.

The ability to draw is not reserved for the chosen few deemed worthy. It's a learned skill. Were you born knowing how to read? Were you born speaking a language? No, you were taught, and art is something you can learn.

Can you tell this concept is a PASSION with us at The Art Station? That person who told you that you couldn't draw probably told you that you couldn't do a lot of things, right? And now, that criticizing voice in your head is starting to sound like your own. It's time to find a new support system...one that will encourage you to lose that FEAR that keeps you from being creative. (And, in case you didn't know, you're not born with that fear either.)

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All of the classes are reserved for Adults (18 & older), and we will provide all of the materials and equipment you'll need to learn. We will teach you how to draw and paint with the same skill as the so-called Masters (who, by the way, just had a good agent.) More importantly, we will become your support system and help you turn down that inner voice that won't leave you alone.